3 Strange Fashion Styles of 2013

January 7th, 2014

Alternative fashion is like a living, evolving entity that’s always changing. When new fashion styles find their way onto the high street, they often turn heads. These 3 styles have received a significant amount of attention throughout 2013.


Steampunk fashion is rising in popularity. In 2010 the genre was fairly unknown; however, since 2012, cities from all over the globe began hosting annual conventions, which has caused a dramatic spike in popularity.

One of the main reasons why steampunk fashion is so popular is because of modern literature and video games. The style is often featured in neo-sci-fi stories because of its alternative reality approach to the 1800’s.

Typical characteristics of steampunk fashion include top hats, overcoats, monocles, and cog machinery, fused with futuristic accessories such as smart phones and tablets. Steampunk fashion shows no signs of dying out and perhaps in a few years it will develop into something more than just an alternative fashion.


Image Source: theflyingone


We’ve all had dreams about the inevitable zombie apocalypse; and we all think we’ll know how to handle ourselves. Zombie culture is huge, perhaps due to HBO series The Walking Dead and a countless amount of b-movies that have popped up over the past ten years.


Image Source: tumblr

Zombie fashion spawned from the worldwide fasciation of the impending apocalypse. What started off as a style only suited to Halloween soon turned into a full-fledged alternative scene. While it’s still yet to be featured on the high street, thousands of people regularly take part in parades and conventions all over the world.

Zombie fashion is a little more toned down and often based on characters from series and video games, rather than the undead creatures themselves. Icons include the cast from The Walking Dead and the characters from the Resident Evil series.


Imagine Elvis as a goth and you’ll start to understand what the rockabilly style looks like. Rockabilly is the combination of retro, goth and punk. While it keeps the traditional 50’s and 60’s base, it often incorporates themes from other genres.


Image Source: blogspot

Rockabilly formed in the 50’s and 60’s; however, over the years it has changed and adapted into something completely different. Typical features of women’s rockabilly style include polka dot skirts, dresses and blouses; pompadour haircuts; and heavy goth-like makeup. Sailor themed necklaces and tattoos are also very common among the hardcorefollowers. Men’s rockabilly fashion usually takes on a more Grease-like approach with tight jeans, ankle biters, skinny while tees and leather jackets.

The rockabilly moniker has spawned various other sub-styles, including trashabilly, punkabilly and gothabilly. While these styles are all very similar and difficult to distinguish visually, the philosophies and ideologies that they represent couldn’t be further apart.

As the years go by fashion historians often look back in time to see which trends will surface again in the future. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how these styles are perceived in the decades to come and whether or not they are simply short-lived fads or will find their way into mainstream society.

Fashion tips by Coleen Rooney

December 11th, 2013

Coleen RooneyParty season is approaching and we have already started to wonder what to wear to look irresistible. If you have not yet decided as us, Coleen Rooney, wife of Wayne Rooney, there are some fashion tips for you. She loves designer clothes, but also recently released a collection in collaboration with Littlewoods, which is more affordable. Colleen, who has two sons, shared a few tips to magazine TV Extra.
“The most important party in the season to be irresistible. Currently I am a big fan of simple dresses, which are combined with interesting accessories. Favorites are my biggest necklaces as changing the outfit as soon as you put them”. She also advises not to ignore the makeup as it completes the overall look.
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Each woman should have leather clothes

December 10th, 2013

leather clothesThe leather is very modern this season. The British fashion experts give tips on how to look good in leather. Emphasize your curves with leather pencil dress, which will create a thin waist and will look great throughout party season. Add to her high-heeled shoes in bright colors and necklace to complete her beautiful look.
The women who like a certain part of your body, it can highlight something leather. If you like your feet, head to the leather shorts and leather tights or long pants. But if you want to emphasize the upper body, dress leather blouse combined with a necklace and earrings.
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Sweet shoes by Kalila Elpik

November 22nd, 2013

Sweet ShoesWe all love the beautiful shoes, mostly women, so I could not share the models on which we came. They are not the work of a famous brand, and Kalila Elpik designer who recently graduated from college Cordwainers. Although very young and almost no experience, we must admit that a lot of us like her shoes – right to eat them.
Her debut collection “So Bad, It’s Good” include shoes with heels shaped candy Pez, Low ballerinas with Oreo cookies and other delicious treats for your feet.
Her models are inspired by the works of artist Kent Christensen.
“I wanted to create a fun and beautiful shoes to make an impression.”
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Kelly Brook with new lingerie collection

September 2nd, 2013

Kelly Brook hotKelly Brook shows her new lingerie collection, which impressed with style and really great design. Her models for the brand New Look are designed for lavish ladies who want to feel comfortable but look hot.
The 33-year-old stars looks very tempting, highlighting its beautiful forms. On the one picture from the photosession the beautiful brunette lying on the bed, dressed in blue and white lingerie items, decorated with lace. Another photo dates she posed in red bodysuit that hugs her every curve. Her new collection includes sexy lace bra and panties in the style of the 50s with high waist. Kelly looks beautiful photos that will surely remind her of her ex-boyfriend Tom what dropped. The British model split with rugby player Thom Evans at the end of January.
“She never stopped loving her former boyfriend Danny and he was the reason for their separation”, said then to the British media source close to the model.
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Stylish in the office

August 30th, 2013

Woman Office hotThe stylists chosen color palette for your business wardrobe. The makeup and clothing should be in harmony, but there are some nuances that should just disappear from your official style. The whites are considered universal. The black dress is a great choice for any occasion, and for a whole day in the office for lunch or business dinner. Beige and dark green is preferable to remove, but you can focus on the dresses in earth tones like brown or ocher.
Red speaks of sophistication and taste and can be combined with gold jewelry or black accessories. Orange remains taboo for the office. But if your job requires you to have a standard style of dress, then make sure that the accessories that will highlight your feminine side. Here are a few tips that can be used in combination with your style. There is no error when it is said that diamonds are the best friend of the woman. Buy some elegant necklace that will “break” your standard style of dress. There is nothing more elegant than the bracelet that hangs on your hand. Can be combined with the necklace.
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How to wear leather leggings?

August 24th, 2013

leather leggingsThe grunch and rock style is one of the top fashion trends for the Autumn/Winter season and many designers added it into their collections and fashion styles. Leather leggings are super trendy and you may encounter on the streets many women who wear them. If you want to join them, read these tips. Leather wedges are fully adjustable with most styles as long as you choose the right accessories, tops and shoes.
Also note that this kind of wedges usually increases the effect of what we combine them. So take a few extra minutes to properly plan your vision, especially how to balance.
Many famous women are also fans of leather leggings and can often be seen wearing them.
Balance rock’n'roll feeling of casual and classic clothing. For example, a knitted sweater, sweatshirt, casual boots. Plating is also a good option. Combine leather leggings with a simple tunic, vest, necklace with beads and / or scarf.
Buy the correct size wedge. If the wedge is one size larger is better than if it fits exactly. Leather effect further emphasizes the imperfections, so choose the correct size for your figure.
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Sarah Jessica Parker creates handbags and shoes collection

July 23rd, 2013

SJP CollectionThe movie star Sarah Jessica Parker will launch its own collection of shoes and bags. We all know the actress well known fashion world as her character Carrie Bradshaw gave almost all their money on designer creations, so we can not wait to see her designs. Sarah has partnered with the CEO of Manolo Blahnik, George Malkmus and her collection will be called The SJP Collection.
The 48-year-old star said that her fashion line will be different and will surprise her fans
“We combine colors that people tend to avoid. Simply beautiful combinations that you would like to have in your wardrobe. A Handbag is inspired by the 70s and 80s”, revealed Sarah Jessica Parker.
Her models will be produced entirely in Europe and New York, as the prices of the shoes will range from 200 to 300 dollars, and the bags will not cost more than $ 700.
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How to look slim and hot on the beach

July 12th, 2013

Hot girl beachThe hottest season is in full swing and you can not wait to visit the beach with friends or spouse. At the same time, however, each woman lives in stress because of how it will look in a swimsuit. Of course, we all focus on what we are weak and tight for the summer, but this is not the only thing we can do to capture the male gaze. Here are some tips on how to enhance the appearance when not wearing hardly any clothes.
Fashion Tips:
1. To look more attractive and less on the beach, choose the right swimsuit for you. There are different models and each has its advantages. Choose well as panties and jacket, because it is important to highlight and lift the bust. Also you should not forget the hidden details. These include solid cups – to keep the big bust, and invest in bra – to enlarge small breasts.
2. Your number one assistant and profitable option in any situation is the whole swimsuit. It can correct many shortcomings. The right choice of swimwear is an excellent bet for beach season.
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Isabel Marant brings French style at H&M

July 4th, 2013

Isabel MarantH&M is proud to announce its exclusive for autumn collection created with Parisian designer Isabel Marant. Isabel Marant stays true to its typical rustic style, convincingly presents his vision of Parisian chic. The designer combines urban confidence, elegance and bohemian spirit of rock and roll, and enrich them with typical French charm. Isabel Marant to set up for H&M wardrobe mandatory for season clothing inspired by her unique original style. The collection will debut on November 14, 2013 in around 250 stores worldwide, including Bulgaria, and will include clothing and accessories for women and teens. Moreover, Isabel Marant for the first time will create a collection for men.
“I am honored by this collaboration: H & M works with the best designers and this invitation is a great honor for me. I intend to create something real, which women can wear in everyday life, but with some touch of light-heartedness, which I think is very typical for Paris – to dress elegantly without putting too much effort into this, and nevertheless look sexy. Entire collection carries the spirit of this casual attitude. You can combine all by following his own feeling – for me, fashion is associated primarily with individuality”, says Isabel Marant.
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