How To Choose Clothing Colors That Flatter Your Complexion

November 27th, 2014

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Picking the right colors for your complexion is important. The wrong shades can make your look dull and washed out. However, colors that suit you will boost your natural skin tone, making you glow. But how do you know what colors will look best on you? Here is some helpful information that will make it very easy for your to choose colors that flatter your complexion.

The first thing you should do is establish what undertone you have and what your natural coloring is. In terms of your undertone, you will either have a warm or cool skin tone. There are many ways to determine this, but here is the easiest: look at the veins in your upper arm. If they are blue or purple then, you have a cool skin tone. If the veins are more of a green color, then you have a warm skin tone.

You can work out your natural coloring by looking at the shade of your skin, hair and eyes. You may, for example, have pale skin, blue eyes, and blonde hair. Or, you may have olive skin, green eyes, and brown hair. It is a good idea to hold up a range of colors next to your face to see whether they wash you out or brighten you up.

Once you have a good idea of your overall complexion, you can start thinking about the colors that will be most flattering on you.

Ladies with cooler skin tones look best in cold colors. So, choose items that are white, black, grey, blue, navy and silver. It follows then, that if you have a warmer complexion, you will suit warm colors. Look for clothes that are predominantly orange, yellow, plum, brown and caramel. When creating an ensemble, it is best to have the color that flatters your skin tone the most as close to your face as possible. This will help illuminate your natural skin tone.

There are colors that have a warm and a cold variant so make sure you carefully select the ones that looks best on you.

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Greg Michaels handbags Autumn/Winter collection

November 25th, 2014

Greg Michaels Becky Burgundy grain leatherEvery woman wants to have the newest and most modern accessories and to have style from the fashion magazines. People like to have fashionable handbags and stylish accessories that will bring compliments. Every woman wants to be appreciated for her style and taste. One of the most desired and beautiful fashion accessories are exquisite leather bags, which emit great fashion and style. The brand of Greg Michaels is one of the leaders in this branch and offer top quality and beautiful designed handbags for every woman. The latest collection of the designer combines the style, luxury and beauty. The leather handbags of Greg Michaels are flexible for woman style, as they can be worn together with casual clothes, formal dress of daily jeans. Definitely the leather handbags are preffered accessory for every woman and will make her style more beautiful and elegant. Also should have in mind that the leather handbags are quite comfortable with enough space inside for carrying everything you may need. The high quality of the materials guarantee long life and strength needed for your fashion accessory.
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How to use curling iron

October 15th, 2014

Woman curlyAre you planning to give waves and curls to your hair for a new look? It is important to know how to use curling iron properly for this reason.

Firstly you need to figure out what kind of curls you want in your hair. The different kinds include thin spirals, thick tubes, bold waves or tight and formal curls. Separate your hair into sections with the help of pins so that the hair that is left hanging is either about to be curled or has already been curled. The number of sections that your needs to be divided into depends on the volume and thickness of your hair. Now go ahead with the following guide on how to use curling iron-

Step 1:- After dividing your hair into 2-3 sections, heat up your curling iron to the right temperature that best suits your hair. About 320 degrees is alright for fine hair and 430 degrees for thick hair. If you stick to a lower temperature, it will cause less damage to your hair.
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Look like a Model in Every Photo

September 27th, 2014

Female modelImagine you could look like a model in every photo, not just while modelling. No doubt you will have plenty of experience in how to bring out your best features, but a woman’s work is never done in the competitive teen modelling business.

Present yourself to the camera at an angle that will make you appear taller and leaner. Make sure to stand up as straight as you can; great posture is important. There are countless articles on modelling posture online. Just turn your body slightly to the side, forcing one shoulder closer to the lens. Flash your best smile or most pouty lips toward the camera and you’ve been instantly slimmed.

Lighting can strongly influence the outcome of a photo. Unfortunately the camera flash is an expert at picking up excess shine on your face. Applying a makeup primer underneath foundation will keep your complexion matte and marvellous. Try to avoid light that hits you from above, as it will create unflattering shadows on your face. To avoid this, stand behind the sun and stay clear of overhead lights. To further decrease possible shadow casts, tilt your head up. Any good modelling photographer will tell you these tips, but you need to remember them yourself for photos of your social life.
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Top Tips for Your Baby’s Party

August 22nd, 2014

baby modelOnce your baby starts at baby modelling, they will be certain to make lots and lots of new friends. When they are old enough to form bonds with the children who they play with, they will start being invited to lots and lots of birthday parties. In the same way that you would need a special outfit if you wanted to go to a birthday party, your child will also need a special dress for the celebration. The most important party dress that they will need in their early years is the party dress which they wear for their own first birthday party. When they are surrounded by their best friends and family, they will need a very special party dress to help them to look and feel the part. Modelling can be a great way to bond with your baby and so are parties so here are some considerations to make the day perfect.

When you are choosing a dress for a special occasion, you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get something that will be right for the day, but there are plenty of opulent options available. Whether you choose fashionable baby dresses, celebrity baby dresses or simply beautiful baby dresses from a high street store, you will definitely be able to find something suitable in your baby model outfitter price range.
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Juggling Teen Modelling and Education

August 22nd, 2014

Teen modelAs a teen model, juggling modelling commitments with your education is hard. To make it easier, here are some tips to help you pass those all-important exams. Exam is another name of stress which comes almost after every three months. For some people it comes regularly but you cannot ignore this stress. You have to deal with it before you get the taste of your success.

Sometimes nutrition slides you down. Taking part in teen modelling, you may have good eating habits. However, many teens have the habit of eating burgers, cappuccino everyday but before exam this are the diet that causes you trouble. Some of you stay in hostel so you need to prepare your food and you don’t want to waste any time so you order food from outside. This junk food may save your time before exam but it may spoil your hard work while you are just about to sit for your exam.

Before exam always try to have foods those who have iron and vitamin B like red meat, cereals, egg, nuts, spinach and whole grains. These foods will help you to maintain your physical and mental energy that is needed most while studying.
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Neckline types and tips

July 21st, 2014

Katy HomesA lot of women do not pay enough attention to their style and their clothes, so the deep necklines might be interesting for the men, but not proper for every woman in anytime. There are really large variety of neckline models and you can decide which is most appropriate for you.
The plane neckline is often used in wedding dresses because it is cleared and discreet, and fit most silhouettes. Not suitable for ladies with small bust because optically it shrinks. This type allows the combination with a lavish necklace.
The Heart-shaped neckline is the most common type. Gives the illusion of a larger bust, so it is suitable for women with small or normal forms. For ladies with sumptuous breasts this neckline is not recommended as it will highlight their size even more and will cause more vulgar vision. If however you decide on this option, we recommend that you combine it with straps or accessory door.
The V-shaped neckline extends the silhouette and emphasizes the neck. You can accentuate your shoulders, depending on whether you want to look more discreet or more challenging. The V-neck is suitable for daring girls who feel confident in their bodies. If you want to emphasize you can add a long necklace.
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Important clothing tips

July 21st, 2014

Miranda КerrWe always see a lot of people dressed ridiculous and making really terrible fashion mistakes. Definitely if you want to be stylish and beautiful should follow some of the fashion standards and the latest fashion trends. Every woman is asking how to combine the colors and if green and blue are fitting good, or how to match the shoes with the bag or belt. The world of haute couture allegedly ruining the rules. It was enough to cast an eye on models latest Fashion Week in London, to make it clear that this applies more than ever.
But when it comes to everyday clothes, there’s always someone who reminds apply for years the strict rules of good taste. “These rules are so long-lived, because most people like to be guided on how to dress”, says Andrew Groves, who heads the Department of Fashion at the University of Westminster. “We all love to see us as individuals, but becomes it comes to fashion, the rules give us security”, he said.
Oh, the rules! Are they arbitrary, outdated and you are supposed to continue to apply? Here are 10 basic commandments in dressing, commented by British fashion experts.
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Tips for choosing proper swimsuit

July 14th, 2014

swimsuit trendsIt is hard to have perfect body and in most of the time we are not aware to correct all the imperfections, but fortunately there are swimsuits that can bring us closer to the ideal.
If you have a big breast choose your swimsuit with underwire cups thick or special support breast inserts and also with seams under the chest. The straps should provide maximum support breast so avoid thin and narrow straps and prefer wide and thick. Avoid the gimmicks, and the rushes at the top of bikini – they make the bust look even bigger. Suitable for you is the model with a diagonal line on the chest which distracts the eye to the bottom.
To hide the wide hips definitely should choose the bright accents on top of bikini distract from the bottom of the figure, so it is best to choose models with monochrome and dark colored pants or top frills and trappings of the bust. If you prefer bathing in two parts, try different sizes of jacket and pants. Choose a classic, mid-section of the pants – high cut creates unwanted stress and too wide will emphasize your desire to hide flaws and thus attract attention to it.
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Prom and Cocktail dresses

July 12th, 2014

Prom DressWhat do I wear? That’s the question every girl has on her mind the second she finds out she is going to be attending a special event that will require her to dress up. Whether it is a Wedding, Birthday Party, High School Reunion or Prom, that question is always the first to be asked and planning for it is usually first to be done as well. They scour the stores, ask their friends and browse online even months before the event is even to take place. Price is always an important factor, style, color and of course they have to make sure that no one else they know will be wearing that same dress, a lot goes into this and women take it very seriously. Prom Dresses are one example of dresses that girls do this for, it has to be just right and no one else can have one just like it or else that will ruin everything for them. Prom is also a very important event for girls, some only go to it once and it’s a day they will remember for the rest of their lives, there can be no exceptions.

Other big events that require women to dress up in fancy dresses and prepare for in advance are birthday parties and weddings, both of which will likely require Cocktail Dresses and the same amount of preparation as in the previous situation. However these types of dresses are typically not needed to be as unique as Prom Dresses so that allows for more options when they go out looking for the right dress. It needs to be comfortable, look good and price is again always a concern. Nonetheless, the perfect dress can be all that a girl needs to give her the confidence of having a great time and enjoying the night with her friends and/or family.